Dare To Wear This Bold Color Trend?

Image via    @kerifay

Image via @kerifay

A version of this story first appeared on Forbes.com

Some colors are trickier than others to pull off. While everyone can rock a stylish navy blue, brighter colors can be daunting, which is why the biggest color trend of Spring 2019 is not for the faint of heart.

From Hailey Beiber to Kylie Jenner to Cardi B, the world's top trendsetters have all been spotted recently in blinding neon green. True, the jarring color can be tricky to wear and will most definitely catch a lot of attention, but for the daring trendsetter in search of a new color to rock, we say go for it!

Here are some pieces to consider if you'd like to try out the neon green trend: