10 Pieces of Advice to Take Away From Simply Stylist LA


We’ve dragged it on for as long as we could, but today marks the end of #SimplyStylistLA (for 2016, at least!). Although we will still talk about it here and there, our obsession with all of the amazingness that occurred on that Saturday has to be pushed aside so we can start prepping for…. CHICAGO! We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, but there is no denying that our gears are switching from LA to CHI-town as we prepare to do it all again in the windy city! With Simply Stylist Chicago in the far off distance, we wanted to take the time to look at some of our favorite moments from Simply Stylist LA before fully focusing all of our attention on our Chicago Boss Babes! From Tyra Banks’ inspiring talks to Scotty Cunha’s hilarious one-liners, #SimplyStylistLA is going down as one of our favorites! Not only were the speakers completely on-point, but the eager attendees made for such a fantastic audience! Here are 10 key pieces of advice to take away from #SimplyStylistLA 2016: Picture11. Know what you want.

“State things to be true that you want to be true. Don't say you're an 'aspiring' anything.” — Lilly Ghalichi




Picture12. Pedal to the metal!

“There’s no reason your foot shouldn't be on the gas pedal of all the things that interest you.” — Morgan Stewart




Picture13. It’s OK to say no.

“I think it's important to be able to say 'no' and know who you are and what you've chosen to represent.” — Kaitlynn Carter




Picture14. Love what you do.

“Pick something that you know when you wake up every morning you're going to love.” — Lauren Gores




Picture15. Know your strengths.

“Figure out what platform works for you and focus on that and be the best on that platform.” — Geri Hirsch




Picture16. Be yourself.

“I've always been myself. If you're genuine & true to who you are, I think people really appreciate that.” — Scotty Cuhna




Picture17. Consistency is key.

“Maintaining a consistent aesthetic is important for any blogger.” — Kristen Philipkoski




Picture18. Starting is the hardest part!

“Don't be afraid to just start." — Sophie Elkus




Picture19. Failure IS an option.

“You're not going to die if it fails.” — Louise Roe




tyra10. But fear isn’t.

“Don't be scared to do things that you never have.” — Tyra Banks