A Honeymoon to Remember: The Top 12 Destinations


AHHH, the wedding is over, which means the hard part is done! So, take a deep breath and let it out because it is time to enjoy your newlywed bliss with an unforgettable honeymoon! That’s not too much to ask for, right? Well, the only challenging part is choosing where to go.  You and your spouse probably have hundreds of pins on the map designating locations you’d like to visit someday, but honeymoon destinations are much different. Not only do you want to travel to a beautiful location, but you also want to ensure this trip allows for intimate one-on-one time with your new life partner!

Whether you’ve dreamt of a romantic, beachy, or adventurous honeymoon, we have put together 12 of our favorite honeymoon destinations for 2016, and you’re going to love them. From private beaches to tourist hot spots, see below for details on what to wear, eat, and do in these 12 honeymoon destinations!

Romantic Honeymoons:

What to wear: