5 Reasons Sundays Are Actually The Best


Ah, Sunday nights. Since childhood, many of us have experienced that gnawing feeling deep in our stomachs that says, oh no, the weekend's almost over! Even through the advent and hashtag evolution of "Sunday Funday", the fact still remains that Sunday means weekend fun will soon come to a grinding hault. It can be just plain depressing! Often referred to as the "Sunday Scaries", that anxious feeling that comes about on Sundays should actually be replaced with feelings of excitement about the week ahead. Sure, it's not going to be a walk in the park (unless there's one near the office you can escape to for lunch!), but every boss babe knows that new opportunities come to those who go after them! Take a look at just a few of the reasons Sundays are actually the best!


The Sunday Social Scene is Actually Awesome

Honestly, Sundays are the new Fridays! Swap out nightlife for chic daytime activities and any Sunday can act as the perfect backdrop for a picturesque hike, a photo worthy brunch and myriad other daytime delights!

Sunday State of Mind

Entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that the 9-5 job is essentially dead. Even when not in the office, many of us are still plugged-in and answering emails well after normal business hours, including the weekends. Sundays bring about an unspoken work-break, though. There's this silent social contract that keeps emails at bay on Sundays--not exactly sure what it is, but we'll take it!

Best. TV shows. Ever!

HBO...'nuff said!

Time for Self Care

Sunday is pretty much the only day where you can really invest time in yourself, with no guilt. Even Saturdays have an underlying call to action, even if that just means getting dressed up and heading to your favorite bar. There's this pressure to do something, but that obligation ends come Sunday! Sundays are the perfect day to use on an extended beauty regimen (hello deep conditioner!) or even an extended Netflix binge. Do you!

Fresh Week Ahead

Although Sunday marks the end of a weekend full of play, it also marks the start of a fresh week, with unlimited possibilities. Take that rejuvenation you obtained over the weekend and use it to kick it into high gear on Monday morning! Dreams don't work, unless you do!

What do YOU do on Sundays?  Tell us in the comments below!