5 Tips for Keeping Your Closet in Order from Laurie Brucker

Keeping our closets in order is one of those tasks that seems to make its way back to our to-do list over and over again. Just when we think we're on track, one rushed morning can cause such a mess that we're right back at square one. Sometimes, it honestly looks like a tornado touched down in there! Thankfully, we've enlisted the help of Stylist and Image Consultant Laurie Brucker to give us some pointers on getting our closets in tip top shape and, more importantly, keeping them that way. Check out her tips below!
1)  Out with the Old.  It's incredibly freeing when you take control of your wardrobe and closet.  Letting go of the old items that don't suit you anymore can be a game changer.  Many times we carry emotional attachments, memories, and personal insecurities with each of our pieces. But in letting go what you don't wear any more, what does fit, or isn't in style anymore is just holding you back from all the fresh, newness that is awaiting for you in the world of style.
2)  Enlist a cohort.  Being honest with yourself, is is the hardest part about cleaning out your closet.  As a personal stylist, this is why I recommend hiring a personal stylist, like myself or even getting a friend to join you so you have an outside eye on the items you are holding on to. This helps cut through the emotional aspect to your wardrobe and helps get to the reality of what is actually happening with the items  in your closet.
3)  Only display what you love and wear.  For all the questions and decisions you can make when cleaning out your closet I think there is only ONE important question you need to ask.  When you put on that dress, that pant, that blouse, or that jacket does it make you look in the mirror and scream " I FEEL FANTASTIC!!" Followed by a booty shake, dance or twirl.  Imagine what it would be like if every single piece you pulled out of your closet made you extremely happy and confident.  Now that is style.
4)  Trust your Gut. Many times we run into those questionable items.  The ones that we say, "well I love it but I can never figure out what to wear with it"  or " There is something funny about this top every time I put it on so I never wear it".  Sound familiar?  We all carry items in our closet like this.  100% of the time when A client says this to me, I have him or her put the item on and immediately I can pick out what is going wrong.  Whether it's the proportion of the length, or a messy seam, or the fact that it simply just doesn't fit and flatter.  And with this discovery I always say "trust your gut".  If you feel like there is something off,  there is.  You may not be able to articulate what exactly, (that's where I come in), but you are correct and it's time to let that piece go.
5)  Make your Closet a Mecca.  We all have to face our closets every single morning.  So why not make it a space that inspires you, makes you smile and keeps the creative juices flowing.   Along with keeping your closet organized, color coded and all on the same hanger, why not try adding bright colored paint and inspirational collage boards on the closet doors?  Add an additional light fixture, or even a chandelier so that your clothes and space glow brighter.  Or even take shelf space and make it a display for perfume, baubles and necklaces.  Your closet can be your own personal inspiration mecca to wake up to everyday  A great way to start each day in 2015, I must say.
Photo Credit: Daryl Henderson www.daryl-henderson.com