6 Final 'To-Dos' Before Saying ‘I Do!’


Well, ambulance the big day is a week away… now what? When it comes to weddings, clinic no amount of planning can prepare you for the day-of the event. You can reconfirm your bookings, triple check the guest list, and yell at as many people as you’d like, but there is nothing that can relieve the stress that accompanies pre-wedding festivities! Although wedding planning is a stressful event altogether, the week before the big day always seems to present unforeseen technicalities. From flowers that aren’t in season to last minute cancellations, no bride wants to deal with minute details that won’t mean anything in the heat of the moment, which is why this checklist is a necessary wedding companion! Here are 6 final to-do items every bride needs to accomplish the week before the wedding!


1. Over-communicate. The only mistake you can make on your wedding day is having a lack of communication. Sure, everything is planned and set in stone, but there is no harm in over-communicating with everyone involved in the big day. Give yourself a few days before all of the wedding festivities to reconfirm and re-communicate any important information!

2. Designate your team. Prior to your wedding, designate a ‘team’ to help with any wedding difficulties. Be sure to enlist a specific person to deal with any food-related drama, then assign another person to point vendors to their setup areas, and so on. That way, if something goes wrong the day of the wedding, everyone knows who is supposed to handle what and the bride can be happy knowing everything is taken care of!


photography by Jessica Lorren.

3. Hand off Responsibilities. Try and hand off any and all responsibilities before your big day. Is someone supposed to meet the caterer out front at 3PM? Great, assign someone to take care of it. Are the flowers arriving the night before? Give the responsibility to a bridesmaid. The bride’s only responsibility is showing up!

4. Make a packing list. There is nothing worse than realize you forgot something at home! Your mind is going to be all over the place leading up to the wedding, so create a packing list and stick to it. Not only will it cut your packing time in half, but it will also leave you with one less thing to worry about!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.56.15 AM

Photography:Lauren Ross Photography

5. Beautify. The week before your wedding, set aside a pampering day for you and your bridesmaids. Massages, mani/Pedis, and hair appointments are all great options. You can even get your pearly whites whitened for the big day — Our favorite is Dr. Partovi of 360 Orthodontics!


6. Eat right! No one likes post-meal bloat. See below for a list of approved foods and ones to avoid!

YES: Fruits Vegetables Yogurt Eggs Nuts Whole Grains Salmon

NO: Excessive sodium Large amounts of sugar Fried food Processed food