8 #GirlBoss Tips We Learned At Simply Stylist Chicago


_MG_1052 The Simply Stylist ‘Do What You Love’ Chicago 2016 Fashion & Beauty Conference was full of fashionistas, beauty-lovers, stylists-in-training, and, of course, our amazing speakers who taught us all about entrepreneurship, styling, and so much more! With that many experts in one room, we knew we were in for an educational day, but no one could have prepared us for the overwhelming flood of good vibes, relationship-building, and #GirlBoss discussions that was #SimplyStylistCHI.


For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to make it to this year’s #SimplyStylistCHI, you can still get in on the fun! Our attendees walked away with valuable insight from some of the tops experts in the industry, and we’ve pulled 10 of our favorite tips to share with you all. Why? Because they are THAT good.


See below for a list of 8 of the best #GirlBoss tips we learned at Simply Stylist Chicago!

1. You can't have it all.

"Know what you are good at and be willing to pass on the things you are not so good at." — Cara Santana

Beyonce is good at everything — it's as simple as that. But, not all of us are Beyonce, which means we need to find a way to be amazing on our own. There's no need to worry about something you aren't good at!


2. Commit, don’t quit.

"The only thing you can control: consistency! Don’t start it if you aren’t going to commit to it." — Lindsay Albanese

We have all given in and quit at something in our lives. This could be an elementary school sport or something much larger, but the business world is not the place to be a quitter. Whatever you're doing, stick with it. And if you don't think you can do that, don't start — It's as simple as that!


3. Just do it!

"…when you feel strongly about something, take a step back and give it your all." — Joy Chen

Nike knew what they were talking about! There's no point of working towards something if you aren't going to give it your all. Holding back will only hurt you in the long run, so give 110% and don't look back!

4. Make it a career.

“If you are not able to stop working for free, it will never become a career.” — Erin Armstrong

Our favorite rule is to do what you love, but there comes a time when you need to pinpoint the things that are worth your time and say no to the ones that aren't.


5. Have a desire

“You’re going to get hired [because of] your relationship… and your desire to get there.” — Paolo Nieddu

The only element that stands out more than a loaded resume is your desire and passion for the industry.



"Your ability to pivot when something is or is not working will make or break you." — Alaina Kaczmarski

Ross Gellar from Friends said it best, "PIVOT!" When things aren't going as planned, you need to be able to adjust and find a new way of doing things. No matter the situation, there is always a pivot opportunity that enables you to follow down a different path. It might not be your original path, but it is a route nonetheless.


7. Be proactive.

“I am diverse in what I do, and I think that’s really important today. There are so many things you can do, don’t be waiting around for that next job.” – Eric Himel

Don't let opportunities pass you by! Be proactive about your future by pursuing it, rather than waiting.


8. The only person you need to worry about is yourself.

“Be confident. Believe in yourself...because who else is going to believe in you?” — Helen Berkun

Helen said it best! The only person stopping you from your dreams is yourself... don't hold back!


Tickets for the Simply Stylist NYC 2016 Conference are on sale now! Purchase your tickets HERE for the opportunity to learn more #GirlBoss tips!