Accessorize Your Look - Lijha Stewart


  We sat down with Make Up For Ever's pro artist, Lijha Stewart, to hear how she likes to accessorize her look. It's easy to buy a bunch of makeup at Sephora, but to actually know how to put it all together takes as much effort as putting together a killer outfit. That's why we've gone straight to the source and gotten you the best combination for your face from a professional makeup artist.

MAKE UP FOR EVER is taking its Make Up School on the road and will be coming to Los Angeles and stopping at The Grove this Friday and Saturday (2/1/13 and 2/2/13). It's a free event and open to the public, so check it out! Bring your makeup bag with you, because their experts will be teaching attendees how to apply their own makeup.

Book your 30 minute one-on-one make up bag consultation on their Facebook page (HERE). Pros will go through your makeup bag, provide an interactive, hands-on lesson explaining how to apply your products, and then show you how to supplement what you already own to create your most flattering look.

1. Aqua Brow #15 Blonde - $20.00 - BUY HERE 2. Aqua Liner #13 Matte Black - $23.00 - BUY HERE 3. False Lashes #157 Lori - $16.00 - BUY HERE 4. Aqua Lip #10 Matte Raspberry - $18.00 - BUY HERE

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