Back to the Basics: 8 Items Every Woman Needs Before Turning 30


Fashion trends come and go, but there are several classic pieces that will never go out of style! You might forget about these basics when looking at an entire outfit, but you have to admit the truth — your leather jacket would be nothing without your classic white T-shirt, your trench coat depends on your dark-washed jeans, and that dress wouldn’t be work appropriate without your black blazer. Basics are the foundation of fashion, and your personal style would be lacking without them! One of our favorite things about basics is that we can splurge on several without hurting the bank account. They are cheap (usually), a wardrobe necessity, and can be found just about anywhere! So, it’s time to go back to the basics by checking out this list of classic fashion items every woman needs in her closet!

1. LBD You can never go wrong when it comes to a little black dress! It flatters all shapes and sizes and is an essential for anyone looking to accessorize a blank canvas.