Be Unforgettable at This Year's Simply Stylist Chicago Conference


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The Windy City is widely known for its deep dish pizza, and The Bean in Millennium Park and Sears Tower, but we’ve caught on to something else this beautiful city’s got: a massive collective of young movers and shakers! We are so pumped to meet all our fashion and beauty go-getters at Saturday’s Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty Conference—it’s all we can think (and write) about!

As we’re sure you’ve heard, it’s going to be an amazing day. You’ll learn a ton about the industry you love, with opportunities meet people and do some networking. Hey, you never know when you might make a connection that could change your life and career forever! The conference will be the most opportune time to use your dazzling personality to make a lasting impression, and that’s why we think it’s the perfect time to discuss ways you can stand out from the crowd on Saturday and every other day for that matter! Read on for a few tips to help you be unforgettable and charm the pants off all your fellow conference attendees and future professional connections!

Be present

Remember getting “participation points” in school? Well, a similar point system exists in the real world, too. They may not add up for a grade, but they absolutely add up in people’s minds, as they assess potentially working with you. This weekend and beyond, be present! Ask questions and engage with everything and everyone around you, to ensure that you get to most out of your experiences.

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Wear your best accessory: Your smile!

It was Audrey Hepburn who said that “Happy girls are the prettiest”—we totally agree! A happy demeanor is the most attractive quality for making new friends and striking up conversations with others…maybe even about ways to work together in the future!

Perfect your elevator pitch

Before you can convince anyone that you’re the next big blogger or beauty guru, you’ve got to be able to sell it! Identify your skills and come up with a clear and concise summary of what you’re doing now, as well as all that you’d like to do in the future. Whenever it comes up organically in conversation, share your “pitch” with confidence! You never know who might be listening!


Wear an endearing scent

Ever been so enamored by someone’s perfume that you just had to ask about it? We definitely have! There’s no better way to leave a lasting impression than wearing a truly intoxicating scent that will burrow its way into the memories of those you encounter. Caress has released the first body wash to employ fragrance touch technology that releases bursts of perfume with every touch of your skin for up to 12 hours—perfect for a full day of activities at the conference! The new line has two scents, Caress Love Forever™ and Caress Adore Forever™, which are subtly sensual, unapologetically feminine and just to die for! We prefer the latter of the two, for its perfect blend of honey, vanilla, amber and Angel Face Rose scents that leave us smelling nice and sweet!

Be yourself!

The best part about the Simply Stylist crowd is that kindness is at the core of everything we do. We leave it up to you to perpetuate the good vibes and you know what? You always do! Because of this warm and inviting environment, each and every one of our participants can feel comfortable being themselves, worry free. You CAN sit with us!

See you at #SimplyStylistChi!

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