Beca Alexander's Advice On Becoming A Top-Tier Influencer

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Miss out on SIMPLY NYC this past weekend? Not to fear, because one of our breakout speakers, Beca Alexander, is here to give a little taste of what she spoke about during her workshop. As the president of digital influencer agency Socialyte, Beca is incredibly knowledgeable about all things influencer marketing.

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Socialyte's inlfuencers include Charlotte Groeneveld of Fashion Guitar and Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Lookbook


SIMPLY: When did you realize that influencer management could be a lucrative business?

BECA ALEXANDER: I saw a gap in the market place about 6 years ago when brands started realizing that 'bloggers' were here to stay and that they actually had influencer over their audience. I started the agency with three talents and two brands and it quickly grew from there. I don't think I realized that it was truly a business until about 3 years ago, up until then, it was all about hustling just to see where all of this would go.


What do you look for in new talent that you sign?

We look at the quality of their content, consistency, following and engagement and how many branded posts they've done in the past few months. We then plug them into our tech to dive deeper into their audience, making sure that they are first and foremost organic. If everything checks out, we pitch them to our top clients and brands and get feedback before we consider having any further conversations regarding management.


Is there a certain threshold a blogger should reach before they consider getting a manager? How do they know when it’s time?

When they can no longer handle the amount of incoming branded opportunities. Many talents think that just because they get event invites or press inquiries offering product that they are ready for management. We typically suggest looking for a manager once you've reached 100K in yearly revenue. Until then, why would you want to give someone a % of your business.


What advice do you have for bloggers trying to reach that level?

Keep creating quality content, keep learning your audience, engage with them and make them feel like you support and value them as much as they support you. Work only with brands you love and support other influencers by engaging with them and their content.