Become a Stylist in 3 Days!


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Psst… You can become a stylist in just 3 days, buy BUT there are only 50 spots available!

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You pronounce Givenchy perfectly even though you never took French. You follow more fashion designers on Instagram than actual acquaintances.  You pored over pages of Vogue editorials before you were old enough to read. Your friends always come to you first for outfit advice (and to raid your closet). You know exactly which designers your favorite celebrities are wearing to each award show, nurse because you saw them being marched down the runways last season.  You live, breathe, and consume fashion—and you were born to be a stylist.

Here’s the deal. Styling is one of those professions that sounds nice in theory, but doesn’t exactly come with a handbook—until now. World renown celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson and Simply Stylist has teamed up with The Grove and The International Style Institute to present a three day intensive Styling course for anyone who dreams of dressing people up for a living. We know—totally worth pausing your #ootd scrolling for, right? Anita is one of the top stylists in the industry, dressing everyone from Emma Watson to Julianne Hough, as well as regularly styling the covers of a number of magazines including ElleInStyle and Glamour. She—along with other top experts in the fashion field—will show you the ropes on everything from how to handle samples to styling an editorial shoot. And with a max attendance size of 50, you know you’re going to get quality time and attention.  Simply Stylist, founded by fashion industry veteran, Sarah Boyd, is the go to source for getting connected to like-minded individuals. They host nationwide conferences and have connections with the industry’s top bloggers, celebrities, stylists, editors and more.  They’ve teamed up with The International Style Institute to assist in making attendees dreams a reality.

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3-Day Breakdown
Day One: Styling 101

Day one, we’ll cover the basics. Anita will share how she ended up as a top stylist and show you everything you need to know about styling fundamentals (setting up for a shoot, how to use your styling kit, invoicing and billing, and many other  requirements). An agent from one of the top style agencies, The Wall Group, and a PR rep from one of your favorite fashion houses will give you the inside scoop on what it takes to be a successful stylist.

Day Two: Editorial Styling

On the second day of Styling Bootcamp at The International Style Institute, you’ll learn everything you need to know about styling an editorial shoot—from writing a request letter, to creating mood boards, and more. Afterwards, you’ll actually be able to style a professional model, with Anita and her team on-site to mentor and assist. You’ll leave with a glossy, untouched image—the perfect addition (or start) to your styling portfolio.

Day Three: Celebrity Styling

On the final day of Bootcamp, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of celebrity dressing—such as which designers to borrow from and what questions to ask your client before you take on a project. You’ll get a Grove gift card (yours to keep!) to use to style another student. The day will wrap with Project Runway-style feedback from Anita.

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