The Purse Style You Won't Believe Is Trending

Image Credit:  We Wore What

Image Credit: We Wore What

Fanny packs are officially trending.

Yes, you read that right. The hands-free bag that for years has signaled an out-of-place tacky tourist is now all over runways and slung around the hips of some of the world's most stylish people. The fanny pack—or "belt bag", as it's been chicly rebranded—has slowly but surely won over the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere.

As far as purses go, belt bags are quite convenient. They let you go completely hands-free, making it perfect for music festivals, sporting events, and other activities where you're up and about. And while the most popular way to wear it is around the waist or hips, you can style it a number of different ways.

Go classic and sling it around your waist, wear it crossbody and high on the chest for a unique look, or even just tote as a shoulder bag. No matter how you wear a belt bag, we say go ahead and give this trend a chance!



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