3 Ways To Get More People Reading Your Blog

Image via    Hipster Mum

Image via Hipster Mum

We established that even in today’s social media-heavy world, it is still important to maintain a blog if you want long-lasting influence, but one of the reasons why you hesitate to keep up your blogging in the first place might be because few people are reading it.

Here’s how to change that and get more eyeballs on your blog posts!

1) Share On Your Social Media Channels

Social media is a great way to promote content you post on one platform across all your platforms! Every time you publish a new blog post, you should be driving your social media followers to check it out. We recommend sharing new posts through your blog’s Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram Stories with a swipe-up to read, and Pinterest.

Consider spacing out when you promote on each social media platform and changing up the wording so you can increase the longevity of your content.

2) Develop “Pin-able” Assets

You might not prioritize Pinterest when it comes to keeping your social channels updated, but the platform can do wonders to drive traffic to your website. Especially for “evergreen” content (AKA posts that are applicable months and years from now as much as they are when you first publish them) you should always be sharing your blog posts to Pinterest, as users will often look to the platform for inspiration, recipes, travel tips, and more.

Vertical images with some text components perform really well on Pinterest, so if you are serious about building up your site traffic from Pinterest, we would recommend adding 1 or 2 of these images to your posts. You can see examples of what we’re talking about HERE and HERE (this link also shows you some more pointers on how to create strong performing content on Pinterest).

3) Include In Your Newsletter

If you have a newsletter, you should of course include the latest blog posts on your site! Give a sneak preview of the post with a highlight photo and text snippet that entices readers to click and read the whole thing.

Need a way to build up your newsletter database? Run a giveaway that requires entries to subscribe, or share exclusive content that is only available in your newsletter!

What tips do you have for getting more traffic to your blog? Comment below!