This week we chatted with Chanelle Laurence of fashion blog to find out what beauty and fashion items she can't live without! Check out below to see what she shared!

1) Maybelline One by One Mascara- $8.15 BUY HERE

"This is by far the best mascara I've ever tried. Not only does it make my eyelashes voluminous and elongated but they stay like that until I wash it off! I love using this mascara to freshen up when I'm on the go"

2) Etsy Penelope's Vintage Circle Sunglasses - $30 BUY HERE

"I'm really inspired by the 90s right now and these sunglasses definitely fit under that category. They add an edge to my outfit as well as keep my eyes perfectly shaded."
3) Jeffery Campbell Homg Flatform Shoes - $75 BUY HERE
"It took me a long time to be attracted to flatform sneakers but now I think I might have a problem. I like these JC's because they are not in your face and loud like a lot of flatforms and I can picture them with numerous outfits transitioning from hot to cool as these Autumn months progress."
4) Brandy Melville Daisy Dress - $32 BUY HERE
"I'm a recent Brandy Melville addict and my newest obsession is this daisy dress. It is the perfect amount of mini (even though I have to wear shorts underneath), and is perfection with knee highs. It is my go-to dress right now especially because it is still hot here in LA."
5) Etsy Bolo Tie - $17 BUY HERE
"I never thought I would love a bolo tie but lately it has been the perfect addition to every outfit I put together. It brings a vintage element to the look and is also different than your average gold or silver chain necklace."
You can check out Chanelle's adorable blog at or follow her on Twitter @ChanelleDotCom!