Blogger of the Week: Elaine Hearn of Clothed Much


Fashion Blogger, Elaina Hearn, of Clothed Much caught our eye this week. She's one of the most stylish pregnant women we've seen....and most of her favorite pieces are well under $100. Her site grabbed our interest because of its clean design and simplicity. Elaine also has a bevy of contributors who bring fun DIY's to the site as well as OOTD (we love our blogger acronyms as you can tell). Also, she's grew up Mormon and has a whole network of Mormon bloggers.....who knew?!

1. Old Navy Maternity Tank Maxi Dress - $22.50 - BUY 2. Bio Oil Specialist Skincare - $19.99 - BUY 3. Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker - $189.99 - BUY 4. A Pea In The Pod Splendid Short Sleeve V-neck Stretch Fabric Maternity T Shirt - $65.00 - BUY 5. Betmar Genoa Fur Scarf - $40.95 - BUY

Visit her site Clothed Much to get daily inspiration and you can also follow Elaine on Twitter and keep up on Facebook.