Blogger of the Week: Emily Goswick

Blogger of the Week - Emily Goswick - The Rancher's Daughter  

After growing up on a ranch with an inspiring family, Emily Goswick of fashion blog 'The Rancher's Daughter", now lives in Los Angeles studying photography. Emily loves embracing new trends she sees on the streets of LA, but still holds true and adds in the western, boho-chic style she grew up wearing. Simply Stylist is excited to feature Emily on this week's Blogger of the Week - check out her five must-haves below!

1. Zara Black High Heel Vamp Shoes - $89.90 - BUY HERE
2. Vanessa Mooney Enlightenment Necklace - $135.00 - BUY HERE
AND Flower of Life Necklace in Brass - $80.00 - BUY HERE
3. J Brand 1199 Janey in Revenge - $224.00 - BUY HERE
4. Anthropologie Sweaterknit Rancher Floppy Hat - $58.00 - BUY HERE
5. Free People Embroidered Crop Top - $286.00 - BUY HERE