Blogger of the Week: Jenn Rager of The Stylish Housewife


This week’s Blogger of the Week is Jenn Rager from The Stylish Housewife! After quitting her job in the financial services industry, Jenn Rager became a stay at home mom in 2010! Just as any other new mom would understand, she found it difficult to give herself motivation to get up and get dressed when she had an attention-seeking newborn at her beck and call. Cue: The Stylish Housewife! Jenn started The Stylish Housewife to help with motivation, but it turned into something completely different! She found that many moms were coming to her blog as a source of inspiration to take some time for themselves, rather than letting their newborns consume their life.

stylish house

Five years later, The Stylish Housewife is still a success! Although Jenn’s corner of the digital world is small, she still loves providing her readers with outfit inspirations, product reviews, and more. Here are 5 products that she can’t live without!

1. J. Crew Vintage V-Neck Tees: When in doubt, wear a classic white tee! They can easily be dressed up with a caped blazer and heels or worn casually with jeans and booties.

2. Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder: What I LOVE about this is that you can mix it in with any of your favorite serums or moisturizers without losing the stability because it is in powder form.

3. Joico Tint Shot Root Cover-up/Concealer: I have a ton of greys and get my roots touched up professionally every three weeks. This root concealer saves the day between appointments. It really covers!

4. Microderm360: My absolute FAVORITE beauty tool of all time. I use it at least twice a week (usually after I’ve used Retin-A) to get rid of all of my dull dry dead skin.

5. Seche Vite Top Coat: This top coat is a game changer. It literally dries your nails in minutes. Nothing works as fast and well as this top coat!