Blogger of the Week: Jennifer Bernheim

Blogger of the Week - Jenny Bernheim - Margo&Me Simply Stylist had the opportunity to chat with the amazing Jennifer Bernheim! She is the creator of the blog, Margo and Me - her personal style platform focused on all things fashion (and frenchies!). Jennifer's style is so inspiring, and we were able to see what her five must have items are and why! Check it out below, and be sure to keep up with Jennifer on Twitter, her website, and Facebook!

1. YSL Arty Ring - BUY HERE - This ring has been a favorite of mine for years. I love any and all jewelry that makes a statement! This ring feels perfectly organic while also looking almost regal and vintage at the same time. This is one of the most transitional pieces of jewelry I own. You can rock with jeans and a tee-shirt or in a dress with heals and it will always be a stand out piece.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Clearly Top Handle Bag - BUY HERE - Who knew PVC could be elegant?! This season, designers from Valentino to Zara are showing us the see-through trend. Although it might force a few of us to be a little more organized, I think its a sleek way to show off whats inside!

3. TopShop Overalls - BUY HERE - I am sure you have noticed by now that overalls are making their way back into your favorite stores! If you're on the fence about how to wear this look, join the club, but don't be afraid to embrace! This look is super playful, and I love it for its versatility. This Topshop romper is a perfect example of what to look for. An all over print, paired with a collared shirt, will put some pep in anyones step!

4. Zara Shiny Strappy Heels - BUY HERE - A pair of fully metallic shoes can be a little loud for some and, if you chose shoes that are too stripy, you're bordering bridal! These Zara sandals are perfectly chunky but also boast a caged look that is easily paired with any summer's day ensemble.

5. Oliver Peoples Polarized Sunglasses - BUY HERE - I tend to gravitate towards unique pieces that are a little different. I love the contrasting look of a polarized frame!