Blogger of the Week: Kirsten Smith of WhyDid


Have you ever looked at a fashion editorial, trend, or runway show and thought, “Why?” Well, this week’s Blogger of the Week wants to answer that question for you. Say hello to Kirsten Smith of WhyDid! Kirsten Smith believes it is important to not take anything at face value, which is why she started her fashion blog, WhyDid! Kirsten balances her business and creative minds by covering a wide range of topics, including ‘How To’s,’ trend predictions, personal styling, and even life advice! Her former experience in merchandise buying, product development, and marketing allows for her to focus on providing a unique and realistic take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. Check out her 5 must-haves below!

why did_blogger

Bootcase Gemstone Power Case: Between blogging, and running a social media consultancy, it’s no secret that I am constantly working from my phone and therefore, constantly out of power.  I’ve made many a friend with bartenders and restaurant hosts/hostesses while in search of an empty electrical outlet.  It’s become a running joke amongst my friends at this point.

Smythson Fairy Tales Wafer Notebook: Sure, I use my iPhone notepad to make grocery and to-do lists, but there is no substitute for actual pen on paper action.  I have several notebooks, a couple by my bed, one in my bag, that I write down anything from gratitude lists, to my dreams from the night before, to just random thoughts that come to me.  Unfortunately, those thoughts often occur during the most inopportune times, like in the shower.

Frye Engineer 8R Leather Boots: If I was a cartoon character, these would be part of my “uniform.”  As a matter of fact, my friends refer to these as my “Daria” boots.  I wear these boots so much that I have actually managed to wear the soles down to the metal (having them re-soled is on the to-do list).  They look cool with everything and I consider them "season-less”, wearing them in both winter and summer.  Of course they look great with jeans, but they are also the perfect option for pairing with a feminine dress to keep the look casual.

Anastasia Beverly Hlls DIPBROW Pomade and Brush #12: A couple of years ago and being faced with the plight of a deserted island, I would have said mascara was my one makeup must have, but I now believe it to be all about the brows.  I have naturally very light eyebrows (thanks, dad!) and my left eyebrow is permanently raised, so this not only adds dimension, but keeps all unruly hairs in place.  When your eyebrows are in order, you have an instantly polished appearance.

Sydney Evan Mini Hamsa Bracelet: When it comes to jewelry, I’m really into signature pieces.  Most of the jewelry I wear, I never take off- except at acupuncture.  I think it’s important to collect quality pieces that have special meaning to you.  Whether it’s your mother’s necklace, or a ring inscribed with a word as a reminder, the jewelry you wear starts to become part of your story.  Invest in the good stuff.