Blogger of the Week: Laura Yazdi

Blogger of the Week - Laura Yazdi - Laura Lily Laura Yazdi first started her blog, stomach Laura Lily, page to promote her jewelry line. Now, what is ed this fashion lover is posting everything from chic outfits to styling tips and inspiration boards! Laura shared her five must-haves with Simply Stylist, and we are in love! Check out her picks below, and be sure to follow Laura on Twitter and Instagram!

1. Modalu London Pippa Grab Bag - $195.00 - HERE - I carry this bag everywhere. It is always chic and fits everything I need for the day. I carried it all through NYFW last year, and it matched every outfit I wore.
2. Apple iPhone - $199-$399 - HERE - As a fashion blogger, my phone is the key to my universe. I cannot leave home without it. I also love checking Instagram to see what my friends are up to!
3. eos Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, Lemom Drop - $2.99 - HERE - Chapped lips are no bueno, and this flavor smells so good. I just want to eat it!
4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - $25.00 - HERE - I use this facial lotion daily; it keeps my skin feeling refreshed.
5. Prada Baroque Round Sunglasses - $290.00 - HERE - I currently have about 15 different pairs in my car. They are a necessity in the California sunshine and complete any look.