Blogger of the Week: Marcy Guevara


Simply Stylist is so happy to have had the chance of chatting with Marcy Guevara of blog The Marcy Minute to see what her five must-have items are and why! Marcy Guevara is a fashion stylist, plus-size style expert, and the charming personality helping women of all sizes feel amazing in the skin they're in! She is the host of "Big Girl in a Skinny World" (Marie Claire's YouTube series), was the star of VH1's second season of "You're Cut Off", and is a style correspondent for Rachael Ray! You can connect with Marcy on Twitter and Facebook.

See what she said below ...

1. Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Pen, $78.00 - BUY HERE - I am a total SMILER! As a naturally smiley person, people always notice my grill. I LOVE when people compliment my smile and how white my teeth are because I think they are the perfect accessory to any outfit. (Remember that song... you're never fully dressed without a smile)... This whitening pen is super easy to use and is effective! I have used everything out there from over the counter to professional whitening systems, and this is the best!

2. Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream, $8.99 - BUY HERE - My elbows get freakishly dry, and this is the only thing out there that helps! I put it on everyday, and it hydrates my skin and takes away any insecurities about my rough funny bones! It's also great for your hands... I love Burt's Bees and believe it has healing powers! Have a little cut?? Put some Burt's on it!! It's like my Windex! ;)

3. Deborah Lippmann Get Nailed, Nail Polish Set, $49.00 - BUY HERE - After having heard about Debra Lippmann's products for years from a friend, but being too frugal to splurge on the pricey polish, I asked for a set for Christmas and was OH SO SURPRISED and UPSET that I had been MISSING OUT all this time!!! From the nail polish remover to the ridge filler and polishes - people wonder if they are gels - this is worth every penny! You may spend a little more at the register but for those of us who are on the go, on a budget, and always on trend, this is an affordable way to upkeep and maintain a FABULOUS manicure.

4. ASOS Curve Midi Bodycon Dress in Jewel Flower Print, $51.72 - BUY HERE - Basically, I love anything from this fashion forward European site. They get trends and translate them perfectly for us plus-size girls. (Skinny girls, they have a sleiu of options for you too!) But it is rare that a company gets fashion and provides it in the right colors, cuts, and SIZES!!! Not only are they a great go to for those key pieces for the season (denim shirts, cold shoulder blouses, pj trend), but they offer fashion-forward options like this adorable floral body con dress. I love!

5. Cole Haan Mariela Air Pump, $229.00 - BUY HERE - I absolutely love shoes because more often than not, they FIT!!! I know that a trip to the mall will be successful in the shoe department more than clothing and have gotten used to that. I also hate when you get a pair of shoes and you cannot stand them for very long, let alone walk in them. It's too often I see a beautiful woman all dressed up and barefoot. There is a way to avoid that (without having to keep flats in your purse)! These gorgeous COLE HAAN COBALT MARIELA AIR PUMPS from are fabulous, and if you've ever owned Cole Haans, you know that they have NIKE technology in them! I can run around all night at a busy event or dance the night away in mine. These are a great color and, for the price, a great investment. You will be comfortable, chic, and avoid that barefooted embarrassment at the end of the night.