Fashion blogger Megan Averbuch of the adorable blog Belles and Rebelles has joined us today to share her top five fashion must haves!

1. Isabel Marant Sneakers: I am OBSESSED with these sneakers. They're sold out EVERYWHERE. They add a cool-downtown-girl feeling to any outfit! BUY HERE $290
2. Missoni Scarf: Scarves are my FAVORITE accessory. Whatever the weather, hot or cold, I am sure to wear scarves. Sometimes multiple ones! Missoni scarves are a fun way to add some color and patterns into your outfit! BUY HERE $87
3. Bedouin Traveller Top: I LOVE ANYTHING with a hood. This top is fun because it is mostly just a hood! The top is cropped with long sleeves, so is a great, functional piece for these unpredictable summer days. Plus, wearing a hood definitely adds some mystery to your persona. Who isn't intrigued by a girl in a hood? BUY HERE $48
4. Vintage Jewelry: I love having pieces of jewelry that NO ONE else has or CAN have! New York Vintage is THE BEST spot in NYC to find AMAZING one of a kind piece of jewelry. You can find awesome statement pieces there! They sell one-of-a-kind vintage designer clothing there as well! It is one of my favorite shopping places in the world! BUY HERE
5. Kings of Cole Zip Up: Kings of Cole loungewear is BY FAR the most comfortable lounge wear there is. Their zip ups are MORE than comfortable and a MUST HAVE for any wardrobe. They're edgy and have a definite cool-girl-appeal, for the tomboy in us all (and I am a TOTAL tomboy!) They're unisex, too, but be sure to keep them AWAY from your boyfriends, or else you might never see them again... BUY HERE
You can check out Megan's blog at or follow her on Twitter @BELLESnREBELLES