Blogger of the Week: Ashley Guyatt of Blonde Collective


Today, we're obsessing over someone who is a Digital Marketing Director by day, and a content creator by night. This week’s Blogger of the Week is Ashley Guyatt of Blonde Collective! Ashley launched Blonde Collective on NYE in 2012 and made a resolution to continue maintaining it. Today, Blonde Collective focuses on personal style on a budget, but you can also find Ashley's beauty must-haves, fitness favorites, and inspirational lifestyle topics. Ashley is the definition of a #BossBabe who doesn’t let a 9-5 job stop her from pursuing her dreams. Keep reading for her 5 must-have items!

1. TULA Hydrating Day & Night Cream: If you buy ONE thing from this list, make it this product! I have never found another moisturizer that even comes close to this product. It's extremely hydrating and weightless on the skin. It doesn't make your face oily, and it smells great.

2. Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil: I feel like I'm in a constant battle with my hair — my natural waves combined with frizz can be quite a challenge to tame, but this product helps tremendously.  Not only does it calm the fly-aways, but it also makes my hair feel SO smooth and smells better than any other hair product I own.

3. Under Eye Masks: I am SO in love with these gold eye masks. I do them every morning (while I'm Ice Rolling, usually) and they're like my under-eyes' own personal cups of coffee. They help with puffiness, are extremely soothing and cooling. They're also packed with collagen which we all know is the holy grail when it comes to skin care.

4. Ice Roller: I can't tell you how relaxing this is! I use my Ice Roller every morning after I shower and before I put on my makeup. I've even brought it with me on long drives before, which I highly recommend. It helps with puffiness, and is borderline therapeutic.

5. Jade Roller: If you haven't discovered the brilliance that is lymphatic drainage, buy a Jade Roller from Amazon STAT. I do this when I'm watching Netflix or listening to a podcast in the morning. This little tool helps to delay skin aging, promotes blood circulation and helps clear out the toxins from your lymphatic system.