Blogger of the Week: Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin of WanderLust Girls


There is only one thing more exciting than one Blogger of the Week… and that is TWO Bloggers of the Week! We are thrilled to announce this week’s Blogger(s) of the Week, for sale Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin of WanderLust Girls! Emily and Abigail met when they were just 11 years old and grew up sharing clothes, hospital bonding over their love for fashion, sick and watching each other’s personal styles evolve over the years. But, these fashionistas hit a road block when it was time to go to college — They had absolutely nothing to wear! They both went their separate ways, which meant their days of sharing closets were over, too. Cue: WanderLust Girls.

wanderlust girls

Emily and Abigail created WanderLust Girls as an outlet to share their newest purchases with each other. As of 2011, the blog’s success prompted the girls to form a company, Wanderlust Fashion LLC, where they continue to grow the blog, company, and venture into new creative fields. Emily and Abigail’s personal style choices provides for a wide range of fashion-related content, so be sure to check out their 5 must-have items below.

1. Angela Toi Sunday Tote

2. Black Shearling Aviator Jacket

3. Buxom Big & Sexy Lipstick

4. Ava Felt Fedora

5.Ted & Muffy Acantha Knee High Boots