Blogger of the Week: Stacey Kelly


StaceyKelly Our Blogger of the Week is Stacey Kelly. She is a director and photographer based in Los Angeles and she also runs the photo fashion blog Spectacular Is. Find out below what 5 items Stacey can't live without.

  1. Canon camera (BUY HERE)- As a full-time director and photographer, I definitely had to add some tech gadgets that I can't live without. I love and take care of my camera like it's a kid! Definitely have to have my camera on me, at all times. You never know when a prime opportunity will occur, so it's best to be armed and ready. During sessions, I love being immersed in the creative process with the stylists and talent.
  2. Apple anything (BUY HERE)-Over the last decade, I must have spent close to $15,000 on Apple products. Macs have been an integral part of my workflow in editing both photo and video. They have saved me on countless jobs. My favorite product is a tie between my desktop iMac and the iPhone 5. My next purchase will be this Mac Pro.. what a beauty!
  3. Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 by Fresh (BUY HERE)- I can go on and on about tech gadgets (I love them!) But I also love a good splurge on beauty products. One such product saves my lips-- the Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF by Fresh. I discovered it back when I was living in New York with their harsh winters. Nothing could make my lips moist, I mean NOTHING. I tried everything until one day, I got a free sample of Fresh and it changed my life forever. I never thought I'd pay $25 for lip balm... but this one is worth it.
  4. Anthony Oil Free Facial Lotion with SPF 15 (BUY HERE)- I'm a sucker for any skincare product, but there came a time when I wanted product without all the excess fragrance, parabens and oils. But under those conditions, most moisturizers still made my skin feel taught and dry. Finally, I discovered Anthony brands and fell in love with their mission of making high quality product without all the excess gunk. And their moisturizer actually worked! I cant believe how soft and supple my skin feels. Of course.. this led to many other purchases from Anthony that I love, including their Glycolic Facial Wash and exfoliators... but I know that I'm only restricted to 5 things on this list!
  5. Calvin Klein Aviator Sunglasses (BUY HERE)-When I first bought aviator sunglasses back in college, I spent $90 that I didn't have and promptly dropped them the next day. Now that I'm seen as the eyewear expert, I know how to handle these fragile frames a lot better! I love the aviator look, it just looks so relaxed and cool. And I love CK eyewear (I have a few prescription frames as well as sunglasses.) But again, I could give you my list of favorite glasses for a different (much longer!) list
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