Blogger(s) of the Week: Rachel et Nicole


This week's Blogger of the Week Feature is a first for us, in a couple of ways. Not just because the featured blog is literally on the cusp of blowing up (hey, Tumblr sent them to cover NYFW last year!), but because there's not one, but two fabulous blogger babes responsible for it...and they're sisters! Double the fun! These quirky NY dwellers have made their mark on the inter-web, but as their landing page will assure you, they're "Not your typical blogosphere girls." Intrigued yet? Well, get ready, because now they're sharing some of their sparkle with us, too! Read on to learn a little bit more about Rachel and Nicole Effendy, the duo behind one of our favorite up-and-coming fashion hubs, Rachel et Nicole! As always, make sure to check out the 5 must haves that keep these ladies prepped and ready to take on The Big Apple!

blogger of the week

Rachel and Nicole are sisters by blood and on good days, by choice. Rachel believes in the power of pink while Nicole believes in the power of, well, anything but pink. Nicole is a Gemini while Rachel is Capricorn...or a Unicorn. Nicole has no sense of direction whatsoever and Rachel can never understand why she’s so oblivious to her surroundings. Their only common ground is this site, and they welcome you to their crazy world.

Rachel & Nicole currently reside in New York City.

1. Custom QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones 

R: You can customize your noise cancellation device - perfect for some serious blogging.

2. Schutz Nikki Heel

N: I swear by these shoes! You can take your look from day to night with the detachable leg piece - I'm in love.

3. Shien Cosmetics Silk Matte Lipstick Range

N: I don't play around with a lot of makeup, so lipstick is my choice of poison. Shien has one of the most elegant and moisturizing set of lipsticks I've ever owned.

4.Clover Canyon Clothing

R: These are limited edition wearable art pieces - grab them while you can!

5. Sara Designs Lil' Crystal Wrap Watch

R & N: We have a very unhealthy love affair with Sara Designs - but who wouldn't? Her watches are absolutely fantastic - they're both fashionable and functional.