5 Ways To Shake Up A Blogging Rut

Image Credit:  Virginie B

Image Credit: Virginie B

It happens to the best of us: you sit down at your computer to write your next blog post, place your fingers on the keyboard, and...nothing. Your mind draws a blank, your fingers hesitate, and you cannot think of anything to write. You've found yourself with a case of writer's block.

No need to panic just yet, though! Every writer hits a wall at times, but there are plenty of ways to encourage inspiration and get yourself out of a writing rut.

Here are our top tips:

1. Change Your Scenery

Mixing up your workspace is an easy way to refresh your mind and open it up to new ideas. If you always work in your living room, take your laptop to your favorite coffee shop, and you'll instantly feel newly motivated to write. 

2. Prompt Yourself

There are hundreds of writing prompt lists all over the Internet! When we're struggling to think of topics, we like to search up Pinterest and some of our favorite blogs for writing prompts. Here are a few lists we suggest if you're a fashion blogger struggling to think of an idea:

3. Crowdsource Ideas

Your readers are the ones looking at your blog every day, so why not ask them what they want to read about? Post an Instagram Poll asking what topics your followers would prefer to hear about, or ask them to comment in one of your posts with what they want to read.

Not only will you have fresh new ideas to write about, but they'll be topics that you already know your readers will enjoy, since they're the ones who suggested them in the first place!

4. Take A Break

When you're really feeling stuck, sometimes the best thing to do is just take a break and focus on something else. Close your laptop and take a walk or cook a meal. Having your mind focus on another activity can actually help the creative process.

Think about it: oftentimes the best ideas come to mind when you're busy doing something else, like taking a shower or grocery shopping. Distracting your brain can help refresh it, and you will often find a lightbulb going off in your head when you're least expecting it. Just be sure to write down your brilliant idea before you forget it!

5. Look To Your Inspirations

We all have writers who inspire us and inform our own style. If you're feeling discouraged, turn to a favorite book or online column. Reading something written by someone else can give you a fresh perspective and help refuel your writing. Just remember, there's a difference between getting inspired by your favorite author and plagiarizing them, so make sure you're still keeping all your writing original!


How do you overcome writer's block? comment below with your tips!