Career Contessa: Ashley Torres





Ashley Torres_Simply Stylist

Good morning fashionistas! We have some exciting features coming your way thanks to Lauren Goodwin, discount Founder of Career ContessaCareer Contessa’s mission is to create a platform that guides career-driven women to effective changes in their occupation. They go beyond resume tips by showcasing the careers of successful women and offers readers the chance to get the real story behind her job and how she got there. How cool is that?! Check out our first feature on Ashley Torres, more about Senior Manager of Social Strategy at Revolve Clothing and Blogger of Pursuit of Shoes!

"Lauren from Career Contessa here—the lady lucky enough to have a job that requires getting the inside scoop behind women’s careers—and today I’m thrilled to share a snapshot of how Simply Stylist host and Pursuit of Shoes blogger, drugs Ashley Torres made the leap from accountant to senior manager of social strategy for REVOLVE Clothing." Following a straightforward career path, Ashley started her career working as an accountant and passing her CPA exam. However, it didn’t take long for Ashley’s creative side to lead her to a new path toward social media and fashion. After ditching her corporate accountant gig, Ashley worked her way into becoming a buyer for HauteLook and let her inner fashionista (and shoe closet!) be showcased daily on her blog. Thanks to her blog and hard work, HauteLook asked Ashley to become their social media guru. It was an instant match made in fashion, social and number crunching heaven. Now, a senior manager for social strategy for REVOLVEClothing, she is able to embrace her passion for fashion while not letting go of her analytical past. It doesn’t get much better than that! Didn’t know number crunching was involved in a social media career? Head to Career Contessa where Ashley breaks down the ins and outs of working in social media!