Career Contessa: Jacey Duprie


Jacey_SimplyStylist_01 Good morning fashionistas! We have some exciting features coming your way thanks to Lauren McGoodwin, drugs Founder of Career Contessa! Career Contessa’s mission is to create a platform that guides career-driven women to effective changes in their occupation. They go beyond resume tips by showcasing the careers of successful women and offers readers the chance to get the real story behind her job and how she got there. How cool is that?!

Today we are going behind the scenes with Blogger: Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior.

Lauren from Career Contessa here—the lady lucky enough to have a job that requires getting the inside scoop behind women’s careers—and today I’m thrilled to share a snapshot of how Simply Stylist panelist and Damsel in Dior Blogger, sales Jacey Duprie made the leap from assistant to full-time blogger.




Jacey started her blog in 2009, while working as an assistant at E! Entertainment, as a way to express her creative voice to a fashion forward audience. With a simple WordPress template, Jacey slowly revved up her computer and graphic design skills to improve her blog, but never considered blogging as a career until she left her job to pursue something more fulfilling.

Through the process of looking and applying to jobs, Jacey literally created her own career when she decided to make Damsel in Dior a priority. Jacey invested her time and energy into the resources she needed, from computer education classes to attending conferences and events regularly.

After networking her way to successful collaborations, advertisements and partnerships, Jacey was able to steadily grow her readership and secure her spot as a top fashion and lifestyle blogger—all in less than a year.

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