How This Celebrity Hairstylist Got His Start


When Chris Dylan spoke at SIMPLY Dubai back in October, we fell in love with his bright personality and great hair tips. For those of you who weren't able to join us halfway around the world, you're in luck, because Chris will be teaching our beauty SIMPLY Session this Saturday alongside BeGlammed founder Maile Pacheco! 

Don't forget to get your tickets HERE! Before the session, learn a little bit more about the celebrity hairstylist who counts the Kardashians, Catt Sadler, Hailey Baldwin, and other chic celebs among his clients and how he got his start:

SIMPLY: How did you get into the world of hairstyling?

Chris Dylan: I first started out in the world of hair when I was 16... believe it or not, this is when hair extensions first became popular and I was the go-to person in my town that would install everyone’s. I loved how long hair looked so I always wanted every mane to have some love. When I graduated high school I moved to LA for a different career path, fashion, and attended FIDM. While attending FIDM I began assisting celebrity makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli.

As she would do makeup, I would do hair for the model—about a year into assisting I became super obsessed with hair and finally attended cosmetology school. Once finished, Joyce became my agent and would book me out and handle my schedule—this led me to working with big names like the Kardashians. After this I knew there was nothing else I could see myself doing and have been going at it ever since. 


What’s your favorite look you’ve ever created, or favorite project you’ve worked on?

I have favorite projects with every client, however I LOVE doing press tours. No matter which client I’m with It’s always fun and exciting. I get a rush from the super early call times in LA or NY, waking up at 2am, doing glam, and then heading off to the first press hits of the day. It’s very fast and exciting jumping from office to office, press hit after press hit. This is where clients do on-camera or radio interviews about something new they are promoting. Everyone involved is excited and the energy high, as this is usually the first time a new project or endeavor is announced. 


What are the hair tools and products you always have with you?

My kit is always stocked and full, but there are tools and products I can’t go with out. I always make sure I have my GHD Flat Iron which is perfect for ‘flat iron waves’.  My Bioionic extra long barrel 1.25” curling iron is another always on me. It is so versatile and can be used on all lengths but it especially lets me work faster with long hair. I never go without my Mason Pearson hair brush and my Nubone Rake Tail Comb which I use to comb out all waves leaving the perfect pattern. I love a good hairspray and Oribe’s Super Fine Hairspray just does it for me. Right now I’m super into IGK Down & Out spray for texture and Ouai Matte Pomade helps me detail out and perfect ends of hair.


SHOP CHRIS's hairstyling must-haves: 


Is there a hairstyle or cut you predict will be huge in 2018?

The natural vibe is very in right now and it will take us straight through 2018. There’s nothing sexier than owning your own personal style and hair texture. The over-styled very done hair is out for a while. Working with your natural hair and accentuating it helps keep styling time down and looks like you didn’t try too hard. 


Tell us what “undone glam” means to you. 

Undone glam is my absolute favorite. I’m so into being a minimalist when it comes to glam and making you the true center of beauty. To me undone glam is very loose locks tousled with some texture spray and left down or thrown up in a bun or braid. I think the foundation to any undone glam is the texture of the hair. You could have any texture, but working with it to get this specific movement and flaccidity is the key.

For example, I could look at my hair and say air dried and out of the shower is undone. Unfortunately figuratively that may be the case, but in the way I’m using the term ‘undone’, it’s not. My hair dries very curly with an unruly texture, so I really have to work with it to give off that perfectly undone look. Starting out by flat ironing my hair, adding in oils and creams for hydration and then giving it a slight bend with an iron gives the perfect foundation. From this point you can go into many styles which all give off the feeling of undone because of the base.

Personally I just appreciate this vibe as it keeps the hair low key but still beautiful. 


Learn more from chris this saturday at our simply session on all things beauty!