Organization Is Key: Why 2017 Should Be Your Most Organized Year Yet


The new year is the best time to get a fresh start! No matter your resolution, there is no harm in putting the extra effort in to ensure your life is as organized as possible. Not only does organization save time, but the status of your home often reflects your mood, meaning a cluttered house = a cluttered mind — and who wants that? We know the importance of a clutter-free life, which is why we enlisted Daniel Musto to lead the #SimplyLA Breakout Session on Streamlining Your Closet: How to Stay Organized & De-Clutter! If you haven’t already heard of Daniel, now is your chance.  Not only is he one of Hollywood’s most dynamic celebrity stylists, television personalities, and creative directors, but he also understands the fundamentals of how to make someone look and feel their absolute best. Off camera, Daniel enjoys connecting with individuals while transforming their confidence through motivational styling, all while living out his own dreams — one outfit at a time!

We can’t wait for Breakout Speaker Daniel Musto to teach attendees all about streamlining your closet & staying organized at #SimplyLA! In the meantime, get to know Daniel below:

SS: Your Breakout Session at #SimplyLA will teach attendees about streamlining their closet, why is this important for people to know? Shopping does not stop at the cash register or your online shopping cart. Bottom line: you won’t WEAR it if you don’t SEE it. You need to celebrate your purchases through the processes of organization and presentation.

SS: What's wrong with having a cluttered closet? No one loves a hoarder unless that hoarder can disguise their disease with a proper closet organization system. You can own a lot without feeling suffocated by your purchases.

SS: What are the benefits of being organized? Your home is the base of your life structure. If you work in fashion, your closet is often your base. If your structure isn’t supported, you can't fully move forward on your dreams. Declutter your closet. Declutter your mind.

SS: How can someone look and feel their absolute best? When you realize that you are the envy of others less fortunate in their look is when you truly can embrace and celebrate your appearance. THAT is when you feel the best in your clothes.

SS: Three fashion trends you want to see thrive in 2017? 1. Androgyny in women’s fashion. 2. Upcycling and recycling your closet. 3. Abstract ear jewelry.

Be sure to purchase your tickets for #SimplyLA HERE, and check out our favorite organizational items below!