7 Books Every Fashion Lover Should Read

Image Credit:  Stylish Petite

Image Credit: Stylish Petite

It's back-to-school season, and even though it's been a while since we've crammed for a test or scribbled notes in a binder, we're ready to study up on our favorite subject: fashion! If you want to know all the secrets to making it in the industry or just want to learn more about some of fashion's most famous names, add these books to your fall reading list, stat! 

Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington

After the fiery-haired right-hand woman of Vogue editor Anna Wintour stole the show in the wonderful fashion documentary The September Issue, it was only a matter of time before the world learned more about Grace Coddington. In Grace: A Memoir, Coddington reflects over her long career in the world of fashion—from modeling in the 60s to becoming a fashion editor at British Vogue and eventually joining American Vogue as Creative Director—all with her signature brand of wit, and of course her delightful doodles. 

The End of Fashion by Teri Agins

If you're hoping to enter the clothing business, read this book. The End of Fashion was written in 2000—before the rise of smartphones, Instagram, and fashion blogs—so some parts might feel dated, but Teri Agins' portrayal of the changing world of fashion is as fascinating as it is relevant still. Agins, a Wall Street Journal reporter, chronicles the shift from elite French couture to mass production and the overall democratization of fashion. The examples of the rising importance of marketing, especially, are still every bit as pertinent today as they were 17 years ago. 

The Eye Has to Travel by Diana Vreeland

Long before Anna Wintour inspired reverence in the fashion world, Diana Vreeland reigned supreme. This visual-heavy book chronicles Vreeland's time at Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, with images from many of her most famous fashion editorials, as well as insightful essays and snapshots from her life. Vreeland was essential to shaping the landscape of American fashion, and this book is a true testament to her long-lasting legacy. 

Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell

As fun as it is to read about the rulers of the fashion world, what everyone really wants to know is how to get their start in the fashion world. In Tales from the Back Row: An Outsider's View From Inside the Fashion Industry, Cosmopolitan.com editor Amy Odell shares her experiences climbing the fashion industry ladder of success, from run-ins with powerful editors to scoring coveted invites to exclusive fashion week after-parties. If you're tired of re-watching The Devil Wears Prada and need a new source of fashion industry insights, pick up Odell's book stat. 

The Battle of Versailles by Robin Givhan

History time! Fashion in the 1970s was at its most opulent and extravagant, and nothing epitomized that more than "The Battle of Versailles", a sartorial showdown between American and French fashion designers that took place at—you guessed it—Versailles. Robin Givhan writes about this historic moment in fashion as the night American fashion designers proved their prowess as tastemakers, and the tale of how American fashion came to lead trends following this wild moment is exhilarating. 

It by Alexa Chung

No, we're not talking about the Steven King thriller! Alexa Chung's It takes you inside the mind of one of fashion's biggest It girls. From how she's developed her style over the years to her favorite music to her thoughts on love & life, this is the perfect read for anyone who's obsessed with Chung's covetable style and cool girl vibes. 

The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg is an incredibly inspirational designer, not to mention one of our favorite role models. Von Furstenberg recounts her incredible life, from days as a princess to a fashion designer whose signature wrap dresses became symbols of the feminist movement. She's a true inspiration, both as a creative fashion force and as a personal role model, and once you're finished with this autobiography, you'll be inspired to set off and do great things!


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