Fashionistas Guide To Packing Less: 4 Tips For Traveling Light


Thinking practically while packing: This might seem like a simple concept, but for fashionistas like us, packing light is easier said than done. We know we aren’t going to wear four jumpsuits, two cocktail dresses, and six blouses on our weekend trip to San Francisco, but we still pack them because we need options! Plans change, weather is unpredictable, and we try on several outfits before leaving the house as it is, so we opt for variety rather than practicality when traveling. The only problem with being an indecisive fashionista is when we actually have to travel by plane (i.e. showing up to the airport with 51+ pound luggage). Stuffing 1-pound worth of clothes into your carry on and rearranging your suitcase in front of TSA isn’t worth it, and the $25 overweight bag fee equals one less purchase somewhere down the road, which is why these 4 traveling tips might save a like-minded fashion lover like you from making the mistake of over packing!

1) One pair of shoes for daytime, one for nighttime. This is a tough one. We hate to admit it, but you don’t need to pack a different pair of shoes for every outfit! It’s best to find a couple of comfortable, neutral colored pairs to alternate wearing. Depending on the trip, splurging and throwing in an extra pair of shoes isn’t going to kill you, but it’s a necessity to think long and hard about every pair in that luggage. After all, every forgotten shoe leaves more room in the luggage for another outfit!

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2) Sort through your massive collection of makeup. Are you really going to need your three eye shadow palettes? Can you go a couple of days without your nightly facemask? Makeup adds up! If a product isn’t absolutely necessary (i.e. foundation, mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, etc.), leave it at home! With every item you choose to pack, be sure to ask yourself if you can go a few days without it. Chances are: You can!

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3) Don’t let yourself over pack! If you begin packing by stuffing your clothes into a massive suitcase, you’re going to over pack! Large suitcases serve two major purposes: 1) to provide enough space for a long-term vacation and 2) to tempt you into bringing your entire closet with you on a short-term trip. If you’re traveling for a two weeks or less, challenge yourself by choosing a smaller suitcase!

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4) Pack diverse outfits. Traveling forces us to be fashionably smart. If you need to cut back on clothes, pick several pieces that you can mix, match, and create different combinations with! A pair of jeans is perfectly suitable for the 5 tops you want to bring, and your favorite black jacket will appropriately compliment any one of your outfits. Think smart, pack light!

Here are some videos from our favorite Youtuber's showing you how to pack light!

Mimi Ikonn (love her Instagram too)!


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