Fitness Week: Working Out with Catalina Su

Catalina-Su Simply Irresistible's Fitness Week continues with Celebrity Make-up Artist, Catalina Su! Here she shares her favorite workouts & gym wear!

"I work out as much as I can, 4-6 times a week depending on my schedule. I like to do a good amount of cardio. I like to sweat and I sweat tons from Spinning, Elliptical or Running. I do at least a good hour of cardio and then move onto the floor. I love Mat Work! I prioritize my butt, so along with cardio, my butt exercises are at the top of my list and done every time I'm at the gym. I don't train with a trainer, but I try to switch it up every other day. I work on my back because I like to work on large muscles, so I can stay lean because I don't want to bulk up. When I work on my back, it works the back of my arms as one with my back. I also, of course do abs. Not overly obsessed with it but I know if your core is strong then everything else is pretty fit. So when I do abs, I do side abs a lot because it makes me have a slimmer waist and therefore makes my butt looks bigger. I'm pretty clear on how I want my body to look so I try to tie all my workouts together to achieve that. Body Language Sportswear is my absolute favorite gym wear. I especially love their Scrunchy Capri Pants!! They look amazing on and therefore make you feel amazing to optimize your workout!"

You can find Catalina Su on twitter @catalinaLINAsu, Instagram catalinasu,, & her amazing BLOG.