On The Hunt For The Perfect Instagram With Gina Ybarra

Not gonna lie, Gina Ybarra's Instagram feed gives us major outfit envy. The Hunt For Styles blogger has picture-perfect style, and we adore her ability to capture & curate her unique sense of fashion on her social media. If you're dying to create an Instagram feed as amazing as Gina's, you're in the right place! Gina will be joining us at our Simply LA Fashion & Beauty Conference this July 15th on our "Upping Your Social Media Game" panel. Get your tickets HERE and keep scrolling to hear Gina's advice on snapping the perfect Insta!


SS: What inspired you to start your blog, Hunt For Styles? I always loved vintage and thrift shop hunting since I was a kid. That is how the name Hunt for Styles came about, to inspire people and to let them know that one can be stylish without having to spend a lot of money.

SS: How has your blog & style evolved over the years? At first it was mainly fashion, but throughout the years it has evolved to more of a lifestyle blog, including traveling and beauty mainly. Also, viewers now like to see the reality as well; what is going on in my personal life, the updates, and important events that are going on as well.

SS: What’s the fashion trend you’ll be wearing all summer long?Denim shorts with oversized tees (mainly whites) and cute accessories, including bandanas and hair bands or hats that stand out. Love the idea of bright accessories in the summer with a casual outfit.

SS: What’s your secret to creating the perfect Instagram? Being constant, versatile, and styling/posting what you think looks good no matter what. Also be diverse. Don't only focus on outfits, but on decor (house decor for example), food, hair products... things that viewers will engage in seeing.

SS: How does social media help you reach a wider audience? Social media is such a huge influence right now that it has become my main audience thanks to reposts, explore pages, and engagements. I mainly focus on the comments and try to answer each and every one of them.

SS: Do you have any “Dos and Don’ts” when it comes to social media? DO: be creative, be innovative, go for what you believe, and post it if it feels right, engage with your following, be constant, and never give up. DON'T: post too often ... now Instagram's algorithm has changed, and one photo makes a difference in compared to 6 a day. Don't be someone else be true to yourself and it will make you become even more passionate in your social media and expressing yourself as well.

Hear everything Gina has to say on July 15th at our Simply LA Fashion & Beauty Conference. Get your tickets HERE!