The Girl Behind the Blog: Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior


When you are passionate about something, there are no limits. Just ask Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior! Jacey Duprie is the sole operator of Damsel in Dior, a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog. When Jacey started Damsel in Dior in 2011, she had no idea it would become a full-time job a few years down the line. Still, Damsel in Dior has developed into an online destination for style-crazed fashionistas, but unlike other successful blogs, everything is done in-house. This might be due to the fact that Jacey is a true writer — she has a degree in Journalism and a minor in Professional Writing to prove it — or maybe she possesses superhuman #GirlBoss powers that we don't have. Either way, Jacey proves that a #GirlBoss isn’t a damsel in distress, she’s a Damsel in Dior!


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Check out our Q&A with Jacey below, and purchase your tickets HERE for the opportunity to see Jacey on the Simply Stylist ‘Do What You Love’ New York 2016 Fashion & Beauty Conference panel!

SS: You started Damsel in Dior in 2011. What has been the most challenging aspect of maintaining a long-term blog? The most challenging aspect has been knowing when to ask for help and finding 'good' help. Because I manage everything for my blog in-house (meaning, I do not have a manager or an agent), I wear several different hats. Finding the balance between blogger, accountant, legal, creative and so many different roles within the company has been the hardest obstacle to juggle.

SS: What’s your secret to growing an online following? Unfortunately, there is no true secret or potion that can get you more followers. The thing that has worked best for me is consistency. Consistent posting, consistent commenting and consistent content (see what I did there?).

SS: Where do you see Damsel in Dior in 5 years? Right now I am working on designing a clothing collection that will be sold exclusively on called "by Damsel." My hope is to continue to expand the collection and eventually partner with an e-commerce site to carry the line. I am also currently working on a book that I hope to complete by the end of next year. I will feel very fortunate if I am able to continue doing what I love to do in 5 years time so that is where I hope to see Damsel in Dior.

SS: If you weren’t a content creator, what would your career be? I have always been and will always be a writer at heart. I studied journalism and minored in professional writing and if I didn't have my website I would pursue writing in some form or another.

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