Grow Your Business Not Your Waistline with These 5 Fit Tips

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If anyone knows how tedious it can be trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also nurturing a booming career, it's Christine Bullock. She's a ballerina at heart, but this fitness expert can speak on much more than pliés and pirouettes. She's turned her love of healthy and fitness into a business and now, she's sharing some tips for staying in shape, even when it feels like there's absolutely no time to do it! Read on for Christine's fit tips and get ready to work as hard on your bod as you do on your career.

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1. No Gym, No Problem. When traveling, bring light weight equipment like resistance bands, gliders or a prop-free workout dvd so you can get in a full-body workout in the smallest of hotel rooms. You can accomplish an effective hotel workout in 20 minutes that will increase your metabolism and your focus for the rest of the day.

2. Make Some Big Strides in Your Business and Health. Take a walk around the building or climb the stairs while on a conference call. It’s not a complete workout, but every step counts. It also has the benefit of decreasing the mid-day slump by increasing mid-day energy and performance.

3. Become a Model of Health to Your Peers. Business meetings often occur over meals. Weekly calorie-laden meals can make all the difference when trying to stick to a program, but you can recommend healthier options to your clients and become a role model in business and wellness.

a. Find a few healthy restaurants that serve wholesome lower calorie meals you can frequent for business meetings.

b. Be the first to order. Studies show women tend to follow the lead of the first person in a group setting, so if you order healthy more than likely everyone else will as well.

c. Schedule business meetings over a fitness class or take a walk together. Meet for 10 minutes before class, hit up the class and finish off any conversation after class.

4. Style for Success. Fitness and lifestyle fashion has grown into chic daily wear. Dress for mobility during the day by combining your typical business attire with lifestyle wear so you are more akin to take a few extra steps.

5. Eating On the Go Without Crashing Your Diet. Whether driving to meetings or flying over states, plan your on-the-go meals and snacks.

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a. When reaching for a pick-me-up, skip the coffee and chocolate bar. Plan something more beneficial to your long term health instead. Just in case you miss a meal, pack individual packets of high quality protein powder with you every day. I also bring packets of flavored vitamins with me through out the day as well.

b. The food found in airports and on airplanes stinks, but it can smell so delicious when stuck next to someone chowing down. Bring your own simple meals and snacks when flying. I ask for hot water on the plane and pack my own tea and pre sliced lemon. Instead of reaching for the airplane snack pack, I pack little baggies of fruits, vegetables and super foods. For example, combine coconut flakes, gogi berries, cocoa nibs, seeds and nuts for a sweet treat. I don’t trust the meat on an airplane so I bring organic ingredients that I can add to a plane purchased bland salad like organic chicken slices, avocado, or berries.

You can have it all - a successful and rewarding business and your ideal physique! It just takes minimal planning and a few lifestyle changes.

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