Say "Hello" To Hello I'm Lana!


We could spend hours watching Lana's videos on YouTube.  Her popular YouTube channel has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans, and she uses her other social media platforms to showcase her fashion lookbooks, her clever and cute DIYs, and her down-to-earth discussions about her everyday obsessions. Her fans love her polished bohemian style with a side of edgy, and her genuine authenticity gives her YouTube channel a personable feel. If you're dying to learn how Lana amassed such a loyal fanbase, she'll be sharing all her secrets at Simply LA this Saturday! For now, keep scrolling to learn a bit more about this YouTube star:

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SIMPLY: You run a popular YouTube channel. Why did you decide to start a YouTube? LANA: I've always been a huge fan of YouTube, but was also quite shy. Then one day my boyfriend decided to open up a channel & there's just something so contagious about YouTube. Being near someone making youtube videos just sparked something in me that made me want to try it out for myself!

How has your channel evolved over the years? When I first opened my channel I was very hard on myself & always tried to appear as perfect as possible & I feel like I've now embraced my weird & dorky side. Being perfect is boring anyway!

Do you have a favorite video you’ve ever created? My favorite video would definitely have to be the one I posted for Valentine's Day! The video is called "Love" & it's meant to be a not-so-obvious kind of lookbook. I had never seen anyone create anything like it, so it made me feel really proud of coming up with an original concept. Plus it's also very special because it's basically a declaration of love to my boyfriend **awwwww**

You also have huge followings on Twitter and Instagram. What’s your secret to creating engaging content for your followers? I think the most important thing is to be real with your audience, because if people are following you on social media it's because they like who you are in your videos.

What social media platform is your absolute favorite to use and why? Probably Twitter because it's where I can engage more with my followers!