Holiday Gift Guide: For The Fashionista


It’s that time of year again, which means the panic of having to purchase gifts for your friends, family, and peers is starting to set in. You might have a general idea of what type of gifts you’re going to get or no clue at all, but either way, you’re probably remembering all of times throughout the past 10 months that you thought, “Wow! This would make a great gift for (Insert Name Here). I’ll have to remember that for the holidays.” And you might be kicking yourself in the butt because you had told yourself you wouldn’t forget and, let’s be honest, there is no chance that you’ll be able to pinpoint that exact moment to remember what this ‘perfect’ gift was. No need to worry, friends. Moments like these are what gift guides are for! holiday_gifts_fashion

There’s nothing better than having your holiday gifts mapped out for you based on taste, and that is exactly what we will be doing for you this holiday season. So, this one is going out to all of you fashion-lovers whom have fellow fashionista friends in need of a fabulous gift. From chic clothes, to adorable accessories, and to stylish one-of-a-kind items that any stylish gal will love, check out our Holiday Gift Guide with pieces that are perfect for the fashionista in your life!

1. Rosanna Golden Alphabet Tray BUY HERE

2. Topshop Sleeveless Belted Coat BUY HERE

3. PacSun Reverse Knit Pom Beanie BUY HERE

4. Miansai Bracelet BUY HERE

5. Lovers + Friends Peony Romper BUY HERE

6. ale by alessandra Cavalo Hat BUY HERE

7. Soludos Flamingo Slip-Ons BUY HERE

8. Tom Ford Coffee Table Book BUY HERE

9. David & Young Scarf BUY HERE

10. Daniel Wellington Watch BUY HERE

11. Stella McCartney Dot Print Pajama Set BUY HERE

12. Sole Society Bucket Bag BUY HERE