How to Be the Best Bridesmaid... Ever


Always bridesmaid, never a bride! We’ve all heard this statement at one point or another, but it doesn’t make you feel any better about your wingman role on your best friend’s big day. Standing by your BFF’s side as she marries her Prince Charming is a blessing in itself, and you will obviously get your shot at gracefully walking down the aisle one day. But until then, you should take advantage of the duties you have as a bridesmaid before having to plan a wedding of your own! Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.07.17 AM

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A bridesmaid’s job is to distract the bride into thinking the wedding is going smoothly, all while taking care of the roller coaster of emotions coming from the mother of the bride. It’s no secret the actual wedding is a blur in the eyes of a bridesmaid, but it is important to be completely prepared for anything that can possibly come your way!

From adorable gifts to pre-wedding plans, see below for a checklist of everything you need to go down in the history books as the best bridesmaid ever!

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Plan ahead. Engagement parties, wedding showers, and rehearsal dinners — oh my! Although your best friend’s engagement might sound like the best thing ever, your wallet will start to hurt once you realize the lineup of pre-wedding celebrations you have ahead.

As soon as your crew of bridesmaids has been selected, sit down and plan out every festivity. That way, you’ll know how much budget you'll need for each occasion and can start browsing Pinterest for the best DIY ideas!


Take over responsibilities. The bride has enough to worry about, so be sure to take as many responsibilities off her plate as possible! Offer to be in charge of catering, directing guests, or you can even help pack the bride’s honeymoon suitcase. Just don’t forget to sneak a few Trashy Lingerie pieces in there — you can even FaceTime the store to pick out the perfect item!




Bond with your bridesmaids. Although wedding memories last a lifetime, it is important to create as many memories as possible to remind everyone of this special time in your friend’s life. Plan small gatherings leading up to the wedding to bond with the bridesmaids (and the bride!) because you won’t always be together as a bridal party! You can customize champagne flutes for all of your girls on Etsy by SuncoastLaser, pair them with an adorable bottle of white from Speak Wines, and treat the bride to a set of flake lashes at Blink Bar!


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Always remember who the bride is. You don’t like your bridesmaids dress? Too bad! One day, you will get the opportunity to dress your friends in matching dresses of your choice, but this wedding is not about you. So, sit back, relax, and nod your head in agreement because no one likes a Bride-zilla!

To stop a dress fiasco before it happens, browse below for some of our favorite bridesmaid dresses!

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