How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine


Whether rushed mornings are the exception or the norm in your life, they're sometimes impossible to avoid. Alarm clocks fail, wardrobe malfunctions happen, pets have accidents and the list goes on. All of these and so many more unexpected glitches can throw a major monkey wrench into your morning game plan and whatever the case may be, hurried mornings don't always have to mean running out of the house looking like a disheveled mess. Whether time is tight because you like to catch more Z's rather than getting ready, or you just want to speed up your routine for the fun of it, we've collected our favorite time saving tips from around the web to help you speed up your mornings without having to sacrifice the ultra-cool factor that defines your style! Read on and learn, boss babes! 1. Get Organized

Look, if you can't get the "waking up on time" thing down, then the least you can do for yourself is to be as organized as possible before the morning arrives. This means either laying out your outfits the night before, or at least making sure your closet is organized in such a way that it's easy to pick out clothes to wear. It also means that your skincare and makeup are kept neat and tidy, so you're not wasting time digging through piles of product when you really don't have a moment to spare.

2. Opt for Lighter makeup, instead of a full face.

This will help you cut down on time, without that naked feeling that often results from omitting makeup all together. Blogger Marianna Hewitt has a beautiful "5 Minute Effortless Summer Makeup" video tutorial that can be employed year-round and come in especially handy when you're short on time!

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3. Have a quick, sleek hairstyle or two in your arsenal

The post-slumber rat's nest on your head will likely cause major stress when you're running late. We get it--when your hair isn't right, your life isn't right! Here is a hair tutorial by one of our fave bloggers and #SimplyStylistChi panelist, Sazan Barzani!

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4. Create a few chic "go-to" outfits

If your closet isn't super organized as suggested above, another way to navigate it quickly is to have a mental inventory of go-to outfits. Face it: you don't have time to experiment with new looks when you're short on time. Have a few tried and true looks in mind that you can always throw on quickly and go forth confidently. Our girl Lindsay Albanese can help with this, by sharing a video of some quick outfit combos you can try for yourself!

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5.Brew your caffeine first

If you need caffeine to get yourself going in the AM, then a rushed morning will mean less time to get your fix. Start brewing your coffee as soon as you get out of bed, so that by the time you've completed each of the sped up routines above, all you'll have to do is pour your drink into your favorite tumbler before you hit the road!