The One Thing All Influencers Should Be Doing


These days it feels like a new exhibition, museum, or art installation is opening every single day! From dessert-themed interactive museums to exclusive pop-ups, there's no shortage of events and happenings for hip people to attend, and if you consider yourself an influencer, you should be making an effort to attend these events.

True, it may seem overwhelming at times, but if you're an influencer, you can use events to your advantage. How? Well, here's 5 ways:

1. See And Be Seen

Naturally, attending events will allow you to be seen! Not only will you see people who are physically there (and in return, they'll see you), but you'll also be able to see who's attending on social media. Always be sure to geotag your location and tag any relevant brands so that people with the same interests can find you, and search through the event tags to connect online with them as well.

For example, if you visited the Museum of Ice Cream, you won't see everyone who visits, but if you check the geotag later, you can scroll through others who tagged it and engage with their content. Likewise, others will be able to find you too!

2. Content Is Key

One of the biggest reasons why people go out of their way to attend events is to create exciting and exclusive content. Places like the Chanel Beauty House (which we attended this past weekend) have curated irresistible photo opps and Instagrammable moments so that you, the attendee, will have plenty of options to share with your followers.

Check out two influencers we love and how they captured their time at the Chanel Beauty House:

If there are multiple photos you want to post, space them out and now you have content for days! 

3. FaceTime

If a brand you want to work with is throwing an event, you need to go! Representatives from the brand will usually be onsite, and this is your chance to chat IRL. PR people receive hundreds of emails and pitches a day, so it's easy to get lost in the digital shuffle. An in-person introduction will always leave a longer-lasting impression, and it could lead to great brand partnership opportunities! 

4. Mix And Mingle

Just like getting to know brand representatives in-person is always beneficial, attending events is a great way to get to know fellow influencers. Instead of seeing the world of blogging as a competition, get to know your fellow bloggers and help each other rise up in the influencer world!

Cross-promote each other's content, team up with a group of bloggers to host a giveaway, or collaborate on a campaign together. 

5. Assert Your Influence

If you consider yourself an influencer, you're really curating a whole lifestyle that your followers are aspiring to. Cool clothes and gorgeous beauty products are great, but people care about the life you're living just as much as they want to know how you style a pair of ankle boots. 

By being social and attending parties and cultural events, you're sharing with your followers that you have a fun and exciting life, and you're also using your influence to encourage them to attend such events, too! 

Are you an influencer? If so, do you make a point to get out to events and parties?