Introducing TDN’s New Series Desksides Starring Sarah Boyd


We have a lot of exciting things brewing over here at the Simply Stylist headquarters! From our Simply Stylist Sessions, to the upcoming Simply Stylist ‘Do What You Love’ Chicago 2016 Fashion & Beauty Conference, and even to the recent completion of the New York 2016 International Style Institute, the good times keep rolling in and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store for the rest of 2016. unspecified

As you can imagine, our Simply Stylist Founder Sarah Boyd has a lot on her plate. She’s a new mother, a #BossBabe, a style expert, and the new hostess of The Design Network’s newest series, Desksides! Sarah has teamed up with The Design Network to go behind-the-scenes with trendsetting fashion designers, tech CEOs, gourmet chefs, and other Fortune 500 entrepreneurs for an inside look at their unique senses of style! The premiere episode, "Juice Served Here," which can be viewed on the TDN app for Apple TV or on, gives viewers a sneak peak into the unconventional minds of Alex Matthews & Greg Alterman, founders of the California cold-pressed juice company, Juice Served Here.


Alex and Greg wanted to do what no one else was doing, so they invented a fashionable juice company that offers health-fanatics the opportunity to enjoy nourishing, non-GMO juice selections in a hip, uniquely decorated space. With delicious recipes and unconventionality at the core of Juice Served Here’s mission statement, Sarah takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey through one of Juice Served Here's award-winning locations to learn why the store was designed to #StandOutFromTheCrowd.

Be sure to catch Simply Stylist Founder, Sarah Boyd, on the premiere episode of The Design Network’s new series, Desksides! Head over to the TDN app for Apple TV or to watch "Juice Served Here" and stay tuned for upcoming episodes!


Desksides Episode Schedule (9:00 am EST): Wednesday, June 22: "Juice Served Here: Never Conventional" Wednesday, June 29: "Matte Black: Storytellers of the Digital Age" Wednesday, July, 6: "Leona: California Progressive Cuisine" Wednesday, July 13: "Preen: Joy is Our Brand" Wednesday, July 20: "Alchemy Works: An Undesign Process"


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