An Investment That MUST Be Made: Designer Bags


Have your eye on a beautiful, classic designer handbag but just can't seem to pull the trigger quite yet? Your hesitation and contemplation is now over, we are here to help! We understand that spending over a grand on one item seems a bit crazy BUT you have to look at it as an investment, something you will have forever... and we mean FOREVER! We chatted with some of the most brilliant stylists and style experts in the industry to find out what their ONE designer handbag recommendation would be.  Find out what they had to say below. Logan Horne

Stylist: Logan Horne

Handbag: Hermes Kelly Bag

Price: $9,500 - $60,000

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Jessica Paster

Stylist: Jessica Paster

Handbag: Saint Laurent Three Hour Duffle

Price: $1,990

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ashley avignone

Stylist: Ashley Avignone

Handbag: Mrs. Thom Bag by Thom Browne

Price: $2,950

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Tanya Gill

Stylist: Tanya Gill

Handbag: Fendi 2Jours Leather Tote

Price: $2,350

Founder of Iconhouse, Costume Designer & Celebrity Stylist

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Founder of Simply Stylist: Sarah Boyd

Handbag: Givenchy Antigona Bag

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