Juggling It All: Three Day Rule


Beginning her career in the wedding industry, Heather Noman learned a thing or two about love and has since used her knowledge to understand couple dynamics working as a matchmaker for Three Day Rule, a company geared toward pairing singles of all ages with potential mates. She strongly believes that a successful relationship has everything to do with connecting and understanding the other person, which is why she talked to us about the importance of finding a balance between your work and your social life. If you're sitting there thinking, "easier said than done," you are not alone.

Heather Noman

Check out Heather's advice below about how your business successes could help you succeed in dating:

By: Heather Noman, Three Day Rule Matchmaker

DHkOBk3n_400x400As a professional matchmaker, I look around at the incredible, talented, intelligent, sexy, and successful women I meet every day and am amazed at just how impressive they are! Too often we put all of our energy into propelling one aspect of our lives and let another go by the wayside. Here are a few tips to be as successful in your dating life as you are in business. Because you can have it all.

1. Earn it. Getting ahead in your career is surprisingly similar to getting ahead in dating. Your job didn’t just fall in your lap – (and unlike the movies) it is extremely likely the love of your life won’t either. The more effort you put in, the higher chance you will find success. You went out and got your job – so why not do that with a partner? Join a club, reach out to friends, go online. Be proactive. No more waiting! You can’t have it if you don’t try. If you don’t work for it, there are a 1000 other people there that will. Put yourself out there (just like you would for a job) and go for it.

2. Look for a secure partner. I always hear about women’s experiences with men that are uncomfortable with their success. But…. (good news!) I have also talked to many men that would love to be with a successful woman. They are out there! When a guy makes a comment about your wealth, where you live, where you are in your career – own it. Own your accomplishments – you have worked hard! There is no need to play yourself down to find a partner. Of course, make sure to show your balance as well – no one wants to be with someone who is single-minded.

Here are a few tips for spotting men that are emotionally secure enough to date a successful woman: • Listen to who they have gone for in the past • Look to see if they laud your successes to their friends and family and applaud your accomplishments without relating them to his own. Is he excited for you without acting like it is a competition? Most women don’t have a problem being more successful – we just have an issue with the men that do. Find one that will be proud of you – cause he is a true catch. Then you can both continue to grow in all aspects of your lives! 3. Get help! I’m guessing you are constantly adding new skills to your professional repertoire, so why not do that with dating? Enlist your friends, family, a professional or even a colleague (think this one through first though!) to keep an eye out for you. Work on refining your dating strategy, get tips, ask your friend’s opinions on what pictures you look best in, or who they think you should be dating and keep expanding your toolbox. All of us could learn a thing or two. Be humble and open. You will be surprised at all the opportunities (both professional and personal) that may come your way!

4. Network I am going to let you in on a little secret. Expand your network! Networking is one of the best ways to find a new career or a new partner. And sometimes you will end up with both! Attend professional networking events or join clubs in your field. You will not only meet like-minded people but (insider’s tip) the people at those types of events are often single. I took a friend on a scouting trip to a networking event once and she said it was the best thing she could have done for her dating life! She continues to go on her own and has found some amazing dates (not to mention career leads!)

5. Set Priorities. You have found that amazing catch. And now things are seemingly blending together. Keep it separate. You have your work life and your home life. Don’t let the only thing you talk about in your relationship be work. Find time to put the phone away and just be with your partner. And don’t change into a different person or start showing up late to meetings because you slept over at your new boyfriend’s house. It is important to set boundaries and know when to focus on each aspect of your life. Most importantly, let them know you are focusing on them in those times. Both will need a little TLC and both will suffer without it. Prioritize.

6. Make time for you. Last but not least – make time for you. A key element of having it all is taking time for yourself! Don’t get lost in your career or your relationship. The most well-rounded and happiest people spend time on themselves. Your work life and your home life will thank you. So whatever your personal time is, do it. Don’t lose your identity and you can really have it all.

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