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We here at Simply Stylist are absolutely obsessed with all things beauty! You are too? Well good, because today we're interviewing the fabulous Sarah Eggenberger! Sarah is the editor-at-large for beauty publication NewBeauty, and she's discussing how she got her start in the beauty world as well as some of her favorite current beauty trends. Oh, and she'll also be moderating our "Staying On Trend With Makeup" panel at #SimplyLA this July! You won't want to miss Sarah or any of the other all-star beauty influencers we've got lined up for this panel.

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SS: You are currently an editor-at-large at NewBeauty. How did you get to where you are now? I was in high school, not sure of what to do next, when I started working part-time at a spa because I saw their job posting for a receptionist in a local newspaper. I had always admired beauty products and would check out my babysitter’s makeup or skin care products, not knowing it was an interest that could turn into a career. While working as a receptionist, the spa owner recommended I try Esethics school in the summer after graduating high school. So, I did. She also recommended I get into product sales for a brand we carried at the spa. So, I did.

From there, I went from sales, to education to brand management to product development to marketing. That is when I started media training for a brand that wanted me to represent them on TV. To practice, they had me present a beauty segment live on a local New York station. Sweaty armpit moment. When the lights shined and the red light went on the camera, I felt an instant rush of excitement. I feel in love with the energy and that started my next chapter in front of the camera.

In the meantime, I had a friendly relationship—alright, it slightly resembled stalking—with the team at NewBeauty. I remember the day I was introduced to the first issue and have loved it ever since. During a conversation with the editor-in-chief I shared with her a segment that I recently did and miraculously she asked if I would be interested in representing the magazine for TV segments. Fast forward to today, I am the editor-at-large for NewBeauty, editor, in the process of developing a beauty brand, and I also consult companies on marketing and development. With an ounce of talent and a pound of persistence, anything is possible.

SS: What’s your favorite part about working at a beauty publication? Well I must tell you, I’m entirely happy in this role and I think you may have a slight inclination as to why. As a beauty enthusiast, it is absolute joy to be surrounded by products and treatments and be exposed to passionate business owners. This industry breeds entrepreneurs and innovators, which means constant excitement.

SS: You’ll be moderating the “Staying On-Trend With Makeup” panel at our Simply Stylist LA Conference. What are some of the biggest makeup trends to try this season? I really think the blur between skin care and makeup is huge right now. I can’t get enough of the unicorn serums or eye creams that have the pearlescent iridescences that immediately brightens an eye area. And if you like to experiment, but not looking to do so in the form of outrageous colors, metallics provide a stunning fresh look, especially the introduction of rose gold in eye shadows and liners.

SS: When it comes to skincare, different skin types (oily, dry, combination, etc.) require different skincare solutions. What’s the easiest way for people to figure out their skin type? Skin is always changing and can be affected by age, weather, hormones, stress and body’s current health state displaying a minefield of conditions. When reviewing the skin, look at it in zones of forehead, mid-face and lower region, and treat each of your regions independently based on the current situation. If you tend to see shine by mid-day, you lean towards oily skin. If you skin feels tight, you are most likely dry. By addressing the zones and with proper compliance to products you will navigate your skin towards radiant beauty.

SS: What should each skin type look for when shopping for skincare? Remember, one person’s miracle cream is another’s nightmare. Shop based on your specific concern(s). Introduce products slowly into your regimen and observe how your skin interacts with them. This will help you to carve out the ideal system for your personal skin goals and current conditions.

SS: What are the beauty products you never leave home without? I stick to the rules of the game, but substitute the players. Meaning I will use the same type of products, but I change out the brands or formulas based on what I am currently testing. In the morning, I wash, apply serums, (always plural) an antiaging serum, hyaluronic acid, followed by a moisturizer, iridescent eye cream and complete with a SPF mineral powder. In the evening on a clean face, I use retinol or cell rejuvenating treatments or oils or balm. I try to treat my skin on Sunday nights or while traveling to an at-home microdermabrasion or microneedling or laser, followed by a hydrating, soothing mask that I sleep in.

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