How Influencers Edit Their Photos

Image Credit:  @tezzamb

Image Credit: @tezzamb

Have you noticed lately that a ton of fashion bloggers have been using a very specific filter on their photos? You know the one: it's highly saturated, a little grainy, and usually has a lot of orange and blue undertones. Chances are you've stumbled upon presets by Tezza, or a number of influencers getting into the Lightroom Preset market.

That's right; the days of iPhone editing apps are on their way out. Now, Instagram influencers have developed their own Lightroom photo presets to give their feed a unique and defined aesthetic. 

We've discussed the importance of maintaining a consistent Instagram feed and style, so luckily these bloggers have done most of the legwork for you!

NOTE: these preset packs can be pricey, so we highly recommend watching a few tutorials on how to use Lightroom and doing research on the different options out there before purchasing. 

Here are some of our favorite photo presets that will help you achieve total #InstagramGoals!

Presets By Tezza

If you like your photos: saturated and boho

Price: starting at $60

Travel In Her Shoes Lightroom Presets

If you like your photos: light and airy

Price: Starting at $60

Stiletto Beats

If you like your photos: warm and vintage

Price: starting at $50

Fashionlush Presets

If you like your photos: crisp and moody

Price: starting at $39

Laurel Creative Lightroom Presets

If you like your photos: colorful and cozy

Price: starting at $10

laurel creative.jpg

Lou & Marks Blogger Collection

If you like your photos: sharp and saturated

Price: $39

Do You Travel x Gypsealust

If you like your photos: rosy and dreamy

Price: starting at $57

do you travel.jpg

Jaci Marie

If you like your photos: cute and peachy

Price: starting at $50

Aspyn Ovard Presets

If you like your photos: sunny and colorful

Price: starting at $20 

Do you use blogger lightroom presets, or have you created your own? Let us know in the comments!