A Conversation with Lindsay Albanese: Style Expert

Style Expert Lindsay Albanese has been lending her invaluable style advice to TV and print media, as well as to Hollywood’s most recognizable names for the past 8 years. Known as the “go-to” Style Expert for this generation, Albanese has been making her mark in the style world with her approachable and affordable outlook on all things fashion and beauty. She believes the key to style is dressing for your body, personality, and the occasion!

Last year, Lindsay was the Style Expert Judge every week on a fantasy hair and fashion show called, “Hair Battle Spectacular” which premiered on the Oxygen Network. She is also a contributing fashion editor for Life and Style Magazine as well as appears regularly as an on-camera Style Expert for various style segments on television (Access Hollywood, E!, The Style Network, and Good Day LA) and radio (KISS fm). She was also the most recently featured Style Expert on “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” as well as in US Weekly, OK! Magazine, The, The Los Angeles Times, and AOL, as well as the celebrity stylist spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz, SPANX, Catherine Malandrino, BeBe, Seven for all Mankind andFamous Footwear Shoes.

How did you get into styling? Have you always been interested in fashion?

Lindsay: I got into styling because a high school friend of mine whet to FIDM so I looked into it. I actually majored in Fashion design, but realized that design wasn't my calling, and decided I wanted to style.

Do you prefer celebrity styling or editorial styling? Why?

Lindsay: I love it all. I love styling people. Celebs or normal people, I don't care. I'm game for all things styling. It's my passion!

What are your top 5 pieces for fall that should be in every girl's closet? Lindsay: A black leather jacket, an article of clothing in bright red (the color of the season), flat boots, a white button-up and anything suede.

We noticed on your blog that you incorporate pieces from wallet-friendly retailers, such as Gap and H&M. What are your best tips for shopping on a budget?

Lindsay: Try to purchase super trendy and of-the-moment clothing and accessories at more affordable stores. Mall stores tend to have a wide variety of all these things so you don't necessarily need to break the bank for them. I always allow a splurge for shoes, bags, and outer tend to get your full wear out of these items in seasons to come.

What's your favorite or most memorable look that you've styled?

Lindsay: I styled Paula Abdul for the American Idol premiere years and years ago. It was my goal to get her on the "best dressed" list because she had been on the "worst dressed" list more then I could count. When she made best dressed in all the magazines and blogs it was really gratifying! I knew I could do it! Haha!

Which celebrity would you love to style?

Lindsay: I always say Britney Spears. I would love to change up her style a bit.

What's your advice for anyone who wants to be a stylist?

Lindsay: Take any and every job opportunity in the beginning regardless of pay. And know you will probably have to do this for a few years. You never know who you will meet and what those jobs will lead you to in the future. Network like crazy. Go to all events you hear of and bring your biz cards. After you work a job keep up with whoever hired you and any key production people. Even if it's years never know when something may come across their desk and you will be first one they think of. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up...the biggest jobs of my career have been because of me following-up and keeping in touch with whoever is hiring. People are busy, and it's the tenacious ones that stick out and grab the attention of the right people.

Thanks Lindsay! To hear more tips from Lindsay you can follow her on twitter @StyleExpertLynz. Her blog will also give you great styling tips which is and you can view her REEL as well.