Mani Monday: Is Your #NailGame Work Appropriate?


There are few joys in life that surpass that of a fresh manicure. Seriously, when our nails are done, we feel like we could conquer the world, so, needless to say, we love us a #ManiMonday celebration! The world of nail art has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and as such, nail-obsessed gals all over the world are experimenting with more whimsical colors, patterns and designs than ever before. This is such exciting news for those of us who like to use our nails as a canvas of sorts, but it also brings up an interesting question: How much is too much when it comes to the the professional gal and her nails? It's 2015--you don't have to stick to boring beige nails if that's not what gets your engine revved up, but here are questions you can ask yourself to help you decide is that nail design you screen grabbed from Instagram is appropriate for work.


1. Will these nails impede your ability to get your work done?

3-d effects like hanging trinkets, charms and stones look so fun, but can get in the way of using your hands. If you're constantly typing or physically loading and unloading product or equipment, then these kinds of designs may not be for you.

2. Will these nails be incredibly distracting to those around you?

Let's be real: a major perk of fresh nails is the influx of compliments that come in as people start to notice them. This is fine, but if you're contemplating some holographic or overly glittered design that will keep your cube-mate distracted from her work, then maybe you should re-think.


3. Will these nails cost you an entire paycheck?

If you'll be cash poor for the rest of the pay period, because these nails are going to cost so much, then start a savings plan before you go through with this set.

4. Are these nails just plain tacky or otherwise offensive?

Nail artists are getting pretty good with hand lettering, but obscene, tacky and offensive slogans might not be the best message to carry around the office with you.


5. Would you proudly extend your hand to shake a client's hand with these nails?

If you can imagine a client running scared based on your chosen nail design, then maybe save that idea for an extended vacation when you won't have much client interaction.


6. Are these nails 'gram-able?!

Like everything else in life these days, your nails have got to be Instagram worthy!



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